Washing of reusable packagings

We operate WELL PACK washing centres in the Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Poland and Russia. Every year we wash over 180,000,000 pieces of different types of packaging.

We will open a washing centre for you in your country – exactly wherever you need it

In case of long-term cooperation we are ready to build a washing centre in the location as desired by the customer or operate existing facilities, washing units and take over existing employees even in countries where we do not currently provide our services.


Washing technology

We provide machine washing of reusable packagings and pallets on various types of washing units, from manually operated to fully automated units with high hourly output. In addition to machine washing, we also do manual washing with high-pressure cleaners and develop our own methods and procedures for cleaning heavily contaminated packagings.

Special cleaning

  • Compressed air brush for removing resistant labels
  • Removing resistant labels with a brush
  • Manual removing of resistant labels
  • Centrifugal drying
  • Design, development and implementation of the washing technology according to client's requirements

Scope, quality, safety

High quality and safety are our priorities. All processes in our centres comply with standards ISO 9.000, ISO 14.000 and ISO 22.000, we adhere to the principles of the HACCP standards. We follow the principles of work safety (Zero Harm Policy) and are considerate to the environment.


Safety elements

  • On-site safety elements
  • Safety blue lights on forklift trucks, safety orange beacon, beeping when reversing
  • HACCP & HSE rules

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